Hardwood Floors

Today’s homeowners looking at hardwood flooring want more scratch-resistance, longer wear, and longer lasting finishes. Our hardwood flooring manufacturers are addressing these needs with new flooring finishes and technologies.


Hardwood in and of itself has really not changed, but many of the factory finishes have become more durable over the past few years which add to the floor’s performance and beauty. Hardwood flooring remains one of the best home improvement investments consumers can make that adds value to their homes.


Advantages of having hardwood floors

  • Hardwood floors are easy to clean and very durable.
  • There is a warm and natural effect to hardwood flooring.
  • They are timeless, matching homes of all styles.
  • The value of a home can be increased with hardwood floors.

Disadvantages of hardwood floors

  • Without proper sound insulation, hardwood floors can “creak” and be noisy.
  • With improper placement directly onto joists, they can be dusty and drafty.
  • Hardwood flooring can be scratched and dented and it does require some maintenance periodically.
  • “Wet” rooms (bathrooms or entryways that can get wet) aren’t the best choices for rooms for hardwood flooring.

View our gallery below to see the kind of hardwood flooring you can get and then contact us and let us help you with your hardwood flooring needs!