Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile adds a sense of elegance to a room that is matched by few other home accents. Porcelain tile is a more refined version of ceramic tile and because of that they are denser than a standard ceramic tile.


Porcelain tiles are ideal for harsher applications such as flooring. Because of their higher density, porcelain tiles are more durable and more resistant to staining. Porcelain tiles can be found in floor applications, outdoor areas, and in cold weather climates where freezing can occur.


Advantages of Porcelain Tile

  • Porcelain tile is dense, hard and highly durable.
  • Porcelain tile is very versatile.
  • Porcelain tile is easy to care for.
  • Porcelain tile is economical.
  • Porcelain tile is beautiful.


Disadvantages of Porcelain Tile

  • Compared to non-porcelain ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles usually cost more.
  • Porcelain tile is not uniform in size due to the way they “cooked” at very high temperatures.
  • Porcelain tile is heavier than normal ceramic tiles and fragile.
  • Because of the uneven size of porcelain tiles, installing porcelain tiles is not considered an easy do it yourself project.
  • The natural imperfections of porcelain tile are susceptible to gathering dirt and staining.

Our images below show you some of the designs that Porcelain tile comes in. Contact Us to see how we can help get Porcelain Tile into your home!